Fit & Festive Challenge

Hello Massachusetts Women of Today!

With Thanksgiving here, it is time to roll out the Fit & Festive challenge we discussed at the October state meeting.

Your challenge: for 21 days in row, practice 1 healthy habit (or more).  Link to Tracking sheet is below.

Outcome: At the end of this challenge you will likely feel good about your accomplishment, and your decision to make healthy choices during the busy holiday season.

Prize: on or before Monday, January 15, 2014 send your completed tracker to me (Lucy Kelliher), or send an email telling me what healthy habit(s) you practiced for 21 days straight in December.

All who participate in this challenge will be recognized at the February state meeting, and will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win a fabulous prize!

I hope you enjoy the challenge!


MAWT Programming Manager

Fit & Festive Tracking Sheet 2013


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